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Maya: Secrets of Their Ancient World

Maya: Secrets of Their Ancient World
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Maya: Secrets of Their Ancient World

By Justin Jennings, Martha Cuevas García, et Roberto López Bravo

Shrouded in mystery for centuries, the culture of the ancient Maya is finally being revealed. This book, like its companion exhibition, presents a captivating and up-to-date synopsis of this storied civilization which rose to incredible heights a thousand years ago in Mesoamerica, then mysteriously faded away. Discover grand pyramids that were built for the gods but abandoned in the jungle wilderness. Learn about divine rulers, deadly rituals, and the realities of everyday life. Marvel at timekeeping and writing systems that have intrigued and tested generations of scholars. This authoritative, 72-page volume features over 60 full-colour images of outstanding artifacts.


72 pages, 65 images, 8" x 5", paperback

ISBN 978-0-660-20188-7

Special Exhibition Price: $5 (tax included)

Includes $15 in Museum coupons plus savings on Membership.

English (issued also in French under title Les secrets de la civilisation MAYA 

PRICE:  $7.95


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