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Vodou (copie Fran├žaise)
:Vodou (copie Fran├žaise)

Over 300 stunning Vodou artifacts from the internationally recognized Marianne Lehmann Collection are at the heart of Vodou. The exhibition demystifies a spiritual tradition that remains very much alive in Haiti and among Haitians abroad. Shaped by a history of slavery, oppression and resistance, Haitian Vodou is far removed from the myths manufactured by Hollywood. It is both a spirituality and a cultural movement that celebrates the past and present of the Haitian people.

This souvenir catalogue contains over 60 beautiful photographs capturing the vibrancy of the artifacts featured in the exhibition, alongside insightful text that reveals the enduring appeal of this complex spirituality.

Mauro Peressini is Curator, Southwest Europe and Latin America, at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. He holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Montréal. His research has focused on immigration in Canada, sociocultural identities, multiculturalism and, more recently, religions in Canada. His past exhibitions at the Museum include Presenza: A New Look at Italian-Canadian Heritage, Pompeii and The Greeks.

Rachel Beauvoir-Dominique is an anthropologist and a founding member of the Fondation pour la préservation, la valorisation et la production d’oeuvres culturelles haïtiennes and other organizations with related goals. She is the co-author, with Didier Dominique, of Savalou E, winner of the Casa de las Américas Prize. She has also authored L’ancienne cathédrale de Port-au-Prince : perspectives d’un vestige de carrefours, as well as many articles. A professor at the University of Haiti, she has served as director of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, and head of the Culture section of the Vice-Rectorate of Research. She helped present the European versions of the Vodou exhibition and contributes her expertise to many international conferences.

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