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 Peace - The Exibition
: Peace - The Exibition

Canada has been shaped by people taking action to make peace possible: by acting as skilled negotiators, providing humanitarian aid, shouldering arms or demonstrating against wars and weapons. Peace – The Exhibition is the first major exhibition to explore the many ways Canadians have acted for peace. It features more than 300 unique and important artifacts, across 12 historic episodes, and encourages visitors to add their own voices.


This souvenir catalogue captures the rich history of peace in Canada through more than 50 images and a chronological account of key historic episodes. It invites all Canadians to better understand peace as a force for action and change in our past, and as an ongoing narrative today.

May 2013, ISBN 978-0-660-20262-4

112 pages, 52 images, 15 x 15 cm, paperback

$9.95 (also in French)

Includes money-saving coupons

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