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our Wars of 1812
Four Wars of 1812

There is more than one side to every story. In the War of 1812, there were four. For Canadians, the War of 1812 was about American invasions. For Americans, it was about standing up to the British. For the British, it was an irritating sideshow to the Napoleonic Wars raging in Europe. And for Native Americans, whose presence in the war is too often forgotten, it was a desperate struggle for freedom and independence as they fought to defend their homelands.


Canadians and Americans have used the War of 1812 as a source for nation-building narratives, centred on their stories of the war. But all four groups fought and remembered their own War of 1812. Written to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the infamous war’s outbreak, this beautifully designed volume recasts the conflict as a war of four perspectives—and four stories.


Including extensive images from the Canadian War Museum’s vast collection, and text by distinguished historian Peter MacLeod, this fascinating and rich volume presents a new view of a crucial event in North American history.

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